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The Students’ Union represents all 10,000 Students of MTU including the School of Music, Crawford College of Art and Design and National Maritime College of Ireland. We, at the Students’ Union look forward to our transition to a Technologic University with Tralee IT when designation occurs in January 2021. This will make the your experience as a student even better with more opportunities!  If you need help with any aspect of your college life or personal life, simply contact the Students’ Union Offices and we will lead you in the right direction. We Work for You.

Our Welfare services are in place to help you with various issues including mental health, financial concerns, accommodation, sexual health and addictions to name a few. Your personal and general safety is also a concern along with any other issues such as bullying that may arise during your first year. We have information on just about everything that includes college life. We also have contact information for services across the country and much more.

Throughout the year we run several campaigns (where possible with Social Distancing and/or online!) such as Positive Mind and Body Week, S.H.A.G. Week, Safety Week, and Exam Destress to name a few.  Our aim for the year is to ensure that you are given the opportunity to make the most of your MTU experience, that it is a happy, healthy and safe one.  

The key areas we at the SU can assist and offer advice in the field of education are: 

  • Academic issues & queries 
  • Grant and Financial issues 
  • Exams & Assessments 
  • Sourcing Grinds 
  • Class Representative and SU Matters 

One of our main priorities is to ensure all students receive the highest standard of education, support, and have a positive college experience. You worked incredibly hard to be a part of the MTU community and it is my responsibility to ensure you are provided with every opportunity and the right tools to achieve your full potential. 

MTU is without a doubt well known for an incredibly strong sense of community and student engagement is one of our top priorities. With smaller size classes and labs, students and staff are able to develop positive working relationships, which generate a unique academic experience. So as you embark on your academic journey in MTU, get involved and take PRIDE in knowing you are leaving with a valuable qualification. 

We want to wish you the very best of luck in your coming year here in MTU and we look forward to meeting you all.

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