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Hey everyone, my name is Stephanie Fogarty and I’m delighted to say I am your Vice-President Welfare for the coming year. I want to extend a huge welcome to you and take a moment to say well done on surviving your Leaving Cert or indeed making that choice to return to education.

I have just completed my own degree here in CIT in Community Development. I completed my degree as a mature student so I am fully aware of the nervousness which comes with entering a new environment. Not to fear though, I and the other officers in the Students Union are here to help along the way.

The Students Union is a place where as a Student, you should feel welcome to drop in.  We here in the students union, work for you. Our aim is to help students to have the best experience possible here in CIT. I encourage you to use the services that are available to you as sometimes things can become overwhelming but even talking to someone can give you a different insight or take some of the pressure off. My office is located on the first floor of the Student Centre. 

As VP Welfare I am here to help you with issues including; Sexual Health, Mental Health, Coming Out, Financial Concerns, Accommodation, Addictions, Unplanned Pregnancies/Pregnancy Scares, Your Personal and General Safety, Bullying and I am also here to help you with any other issues that arise throughout your first year here in CIT. I have information on just about everything on the above topics. I also have contact information for services across the country and much much more.

You are more than welcome to call up to the SU if you ever need to talk. No problem is too big or too small and I love to chat. It is important to let you know I am not a trained counsellor, I will listen and offer the best support I can and I will also be able to refer you if extra assistance is needed. I also have a supply of condoms in my office for any student which may need some throughout the year. Condom use is exceptionally important as they can prevent unplanned pregnancies and STI’s. My office is a safe space so don’t be worried about dropping in to get what you are looking for. 

Throughout the year I will run a number of campaigns such as Body & Soul, S.H.A.G (Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance), Safety Week and Exam Destress to name just some of them. I would definitely encourage you get involved with these Welfare campaigns throughout the year.

My aim for the year is to ensure that you are given the opportunity to make the most of CIT and to ensure you have the skills to make your CIT Experience a happy, healthy and safe one.

Just a few final words to wish you the very best of luck in your coming year here in CIT and I look forward to meeting you all. Remember, if you have any problems, need advice or just need to have a rant with a friend, my door is always open. Call in anytime! You can also make an appointment to see me at our main desk in the Students' Union.

“Live like there’s no tomorrow, Sing as if no one can hear you, Laugh as if no one is there and Dance like nobodies watching!”

Much Love,

Steph xx

T: 086 384 2977


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