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Vice President Education - Rej Makinano

Hi guys,

A warm welcome to the Education section of the CIT SU Website.

I Rej Makinano am delighted to introduce myself as your Students’ Union Vice President Education for the year 2016/17. I am looking forward to working with you all throughout the rest of the college year. I am more than willing to assist you guys in the best possible way I can. One of my chief roles in the Students’ Union is responsibility for the Students’ Union’s academic policy. In other words, providing academic guidance and advice to each and every one of you; the students’ I represent. I have a seat on every single board and committee which affects the quality of the education which you receive. I am a hard worker, dedicated and work well as a part of a team. I may be small but I have a big voice, a voice that will fight for students’ rights. I am someone who is willing to speak up on behalf of students and someone who will ensure that students needs are represented on all educational matters across the various levels within CIT.

I first got involved in the Students’ Union in my first year in college, back in 2013. Since then I have been heavily involved with the CIT SU. I myself am a current IT student. I hope you guys love and enjoy your time as a CIT student just as much as I do.

My door will be always open to you, the students’ I represent, I’m located on the first floor of the Student Centre, feel free to call up anytime.

The key areas I can assist you with and offer advice on are as follows:

Academic Issues
Grants & Financial Issues
Exams & Assessments
Sourcing Grinds/extra tuition

One of my main areas of responsibility in the Students’ Union is ensuring that you the student receive the best standard of education humanly possible.

This year I will be working on many past and look into any future issues any students may come across in the college and work my best to resolve them.

I along with rest of the SU team will be actively involved with the Class Representatives. Being a part of the Students Union entails a great role. I myself was a class rep for numerous years and found the role very rewarding. Be the person that your class has the voice to represent them, be the person that knows exactly what’s going on across the board in CIT, be the person that makes a difference and on a lighter note be the person that organises the class events and parties that nobody ever forgets! Get yourself involved and be the voice of your class, of your college.

Wishing all of you guys the very best of luck with your studies and make the most out of your college years. I am extremely grateful to be able to represent you guys as your VP Education. I am looking forward to meeting you all over the course of the year. No issue is ever too big or indeed too small, if I can’t help you directly, I will do my very best to refer you onto someone who can. 

All the best,

Rej Makinano

Email:       Tel: (021) 433 5276      Mob: (087) 062 4830

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