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Class Reps

It is vital that each class elects a Class Representative (Class Rep) at the beginning of​ the academic year. This  person acts as a representative for their class and is their class’s chief spokesperson, very much the voice of the class.  Each Class Rep is a member of Union Council.  One of their main duties is to liaise with Academic Staff and report back to the SU Executive at Union Council Meetings regarding issues which are of concern to the group.  It is important that the person who is elected is committed to the position, communicates with class, represents the viewpoint of the class and provide effective feedback to both their classmates, the SU and Academic Staff. College is not just about studying, it is important that you have an active social life and the Class Rep is there to organise events so that classmates can form close friendships. 

Sam, Steph and Steph will visit classes at the beginning of the first semester to facilitate the Class Rep Elections.  At the end of the year each student will have the opportunity to nominate their Class Rep for a Union Council Award which recognises outstanding Class Reps for their contribution to their class and the Union as a whole. Each Class Rep will also receive a Certificate of Merit.











Class Reps play a huge role in the work of the Students' Union and aid its progression and success in actively representing all the students of CIT. It is a big responsibility, but brings with it an education in itself.

Being an active Class Rep allows you to:

  • Give something back to your class, if you help one person over the course of the year, it's a job well done
  • Build and improve on your communication and negotiation skills
  • Build interperonal skills
  • Learn how to organise successful events
  • Make new friends - the saying that the friends you make at college will be your friends for life is very true
  • Build relationships with lecturers, course coordinators, heads of department etc, which will stand to you throughout the course of your degree
  • Be in the loop with exactly what's going on across the campus, outside of your own class and course
  • Increase your employability, adds that little something extra that all employers are looking for to your CV

    Can you be the voice of your class? Go for it, it's a decision you'll never look back on.
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