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SU Executive - Welcome


To all new students a warm welcome to CIT, we wish you all the very best as you embark on the start of your journey in third level education, a huge milestone in your lives. 

To all returning students, welcome back, we hope you all enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward to another year ahead here in CIT. 

We are honoured and privileged to be your elected Students’ Union Executive for the year ahead. It is the role of the SU to actively represent its members and continuously work towards the improvement and enhancement of the student experience, and you can rest assured that YOUR Students’ Union Executive will be constantly working tirelessly in this regard for the duration of our time in office. We look forward with great enthusiasm to the year, we have no doubts it will be an exciting and rewarding one for you all. 

Getting the Balance Right 

College life is all about getting the balance right, while you’re here have a fantastic time, go to absolutely everything you can possibly fit in but always remember why you’re here in the first place, to get the best possible education you can! Trust us cramming over-night is no craic at all. Box clever throughout the year and always put your studies at the forefront of your priorities.

Communication with the Student Body  

Throughout the course of the year we will use a range of mediums of communication to interact with YOU, our members. The main ones will be:

•Social Media: Be sure to like our Facebook page: CITSU and follow us on Twitter: @CITSU

•Website: – The SU Website has been greatly enhanced over the last couple of years and contains useful information galore and will continue to be updated on a regular basis. 

•Snap Chat & Instagram: CIT_SU – They say a picture tells a 1000 words, why not send us a snap or Insta? 

•General Meetings – All students as members of the SU are invited and encouraged to attend General Meetings, a great way of finding out what’s happening around the place and the ins and outs of how the institute is managed etc. All of these meeting will be advertised throughout the campus up to a week prior to these meetings, so be sure to keep an eye out. All students can submit an agenda item for General Meeting by contacting the SU.

As a union we believe communication is key, we need and want to hear from our members. #TogetherWeAreStronger

Getting here  

We would urge all students to give themselves plenty of time to get to CIT when commuting via public transport or driving, in particular, early in the morning, the reality of the situation is that CIT’s location here in Bishopstown is an extremely busy one. Also, be sure to consider all possible routes in terms of getting close by to CIT, to beat the traffic etc. e.g. the 208 bus service is an alternative to the 205, with less than a 10 minute work from Curraheen Road to CIT. The 220 offers a viable alternative to the 219 for those commuting in from Douglas, with the drop off point for this service being Model Farm Rd…less than a 5 minute walk through Parchment Square and you’d be in CIT.

In terms of the construction of a much awaited on campus bus shelter the funding and plans are in place for this and we look forward to seeing work commencing on this soon. 

In regards, to public transport we urge all students to conduct themselves in a manner befitting to that as if your Mammy was sat alongside ya, whether it’s in the morning on your way into college or on the way into town for a night time event. Remember that all buses have CCTV installed…Bus Éireann is watching you. Students of CIT at all times are representative of the student body of CIT and as such we as a Union want that to be a glowing one. There’s an old saying and a very true one, don’t do the you know what on your own doorstep! The Union has built up a strong working relationship with Bus Éireann in recent years, to ultimately benefit our students. This is one we will strive to uphold and to do this we need all students’
assistance and cooperation. 

Class Reps   

It is vital that each class elects a Class Representative at the beginning of the academic year. This person acts as a representative for their class and is their class’s chief spokesperson, very much the voice of the class. One of their main duties is reporting back to the SU Executive at Union Council Meetings in relation to particular issues which are of concern to the group.

It is important that the person who is elected is committed to the position, not only will they speak for the class but they may also organise class parties and social events. College is not just about studying, it is important that you have an active social life and the Class Rep is there to organise such events so that classmates can form close friendships. A trained representative will visit classes at the beginning of the first semester, in order to facilitate the elections of class representatives. This will be done in partnership with a member of academic staff.

Some benefits of becoming a Class Rep:

•Opportunity to exercise leadership and initiate change

•Opportunity to voice the opinions, concerns and ideas of your classmates so that they may be addressed

•Receiving first-hand information from the lecturers and the Students’ Union regarding their activities and services

•Enhance your CV

•Build and improve on your communication and public speaking skills etc.

•Acquire many useful people skills

•Learn how to organise successful events

•Opportunities to attend various training events and Forums throughout the year. 

Class Rep training will take place on Thursday 12th October this year. During the training day elected Class Reps will be shown the ropes and will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to actively represent their class from the get-go. 

At the end of the year each students will have the opportunity to nominate their Class Rep for a Union Council Award. The Union Council Awards recognise outstanding Class Reps for their contribution to their class and the Union as a whole. Each Class Rep will also receive a Certificate of Merit.

Class Reps play a huge role in the work of the Students’ Union and aid our progression and success in actively representing all the students of CIT. It is a big responsibility, but brings with it an education in itself!! Can you be the voice of your class? Go for it, it’s a decision you’ll never regret.

Welfare Campaigns

Our VP Welfare, Ruth, will run a series of welfare campaigns throughout the year. These campaigns will help you to manage personal issues which you may be faced with such as sexual health, mental health, physical health, accommodation, safety, finance, bullying, addictions and so many other welfare issues which may arise for you as a student. The campaigns will take place in the main corridor of the main building by the canteen.

Our first campaign is S.H.A.G. (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance) which will take place October 11th - 13th. Our Mental Health Campaign will run in November from the 8th - 10th. In December before exams we will run Exam De-Stress from the 6th-8th. Please ensure to pick up a copy of our
expliCIT magazine in the main corridor each month. This will feature timetables and
articles on each campaign as well as competitions and how to sign up to attend various workshops.

Welfare Crew – Do you have what it takes to become a Welfairy?

It has been a very busy summer preparing campaigns. In the next few weeks we will be looking for students to be part of the Welfare Crew. The Welfare Crew help out in all campaigns and have so much fun, while learning new skills when doing so. If you are interested in being part of the Welfare Crew, please email Ruth on or text 086-3842977. #HonTheWelfairys

Welfare Tuesdays

On Various Tuesdays throughout the year Ruth will run Welfare Tuesdays. These Tuesdays will consist of campaigns on various issues as well as condom giveaways. Our first Welfare Tuesday is on Tuesday September 13th – Be Safe Day. This day will focus on being safe in college and on nights out as well as in your accommodation. 

Don’t walk home alone.

We are encouraging everyone on a night out to NOT walk home alone. Please look after your friends. Make sure to either walk in a group or get a taxi. Put aside money for your taxi home. You can also organise to meet your friends at the end of a night out and all go home together. Plan your trip home as much as you plan your night out. Have a taxi number on speed dial, pre book it or Hailo. Make sure your phone is fully charged before you go out too. Don’t walk around the city on your own – tag along with a friend. Drink responsibly and know your limits when it comes to alcohol. Don’t be the one to leave home for a night out and not return home.

Is there a wannabe Charles Dickens out there…?

Do you have a story to tell, that will be of interest to the students and staff of CIT? If so, we want to hear it. Send it onto Keith at and if we can we’ll publish it within future editions of ExpliCIT.

Respect For Your Environment

When you’re passing by an elderly resident’s garden, think to yourself would I like someone doing unmentionables there if that was my Grandmother’s? The Students’ Union Executive have worked extremely hard over the past number of years in fostering good relations between students and the local residents we hope this may long continue, after all we want the students we represent to have the best possible reputation, and our job in many ways to ensure and protect this.  


Last preach we promise, please be conscious that all catering outlets are self-catering and as such rely on students to dispose of their rubbish, and to put cutlery in the designated areas etc. We urge all students to do so. The staff in these areas work extremely hard, so your help and cooperation in regards to this would be much appreciated by them and us. 

Last year a Food Ban was implemented in the Student Centre Common Room, this was removed at the end of the last Academic Year on a trial basis and this will be still the case for the duration of the month of September. Should students be viewed to be not treating this area with the respect that it deserves, disposing of rubbish etc. the Food Ban will be re-implemented with immediate effect. 

Remember guys that CIT has many links with external organisations many of these potential employers, so we do not want the first thing they think when they walk through the front door to be something like ‘That crowd treat the place like a dumping ground’.

USI National Campaign

The Cassells Report – a report into the future funding of third level education was released on Monday 11th July.

The report presents a new opportunity, one of the advocating of a publicly funded third level education system. 

Students’ Unions Presidents from all over Ireland came together in Athlone IT to discuss the Cassells Report. From this, every President has signed a letter in response to the report arguing against a loan scheme for students. 

Shane Falvey (Previous SU President) was elected onto the Union of Students in Ireland Campaigns sub-committee at the July National Council, and as such contributed to the
national campaign on behalf of CITSU.

A national demonstration will take place in Dublin on October 19th – further details on this will be available in the next edition of expliCIT and will be emailed to all students. We look forward to the participation of students in this action, which could prove to be monumental to the decision made on the future funding model employed for third level education sector. A decision which could affect not only current members of the student body but students for generations to come.

We really look forward to meeting and engaging with many of you over the course of the year. May the year be a productive, happy, fun packed #YOLO and successful one for you all.  

Always remember YOUR SU is here for YOU. Have a great Fresher’s Week Guys!

Best Wishes,

Sam, Steph, Steph, Shauna, Rob, Sam

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