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Constitution Schedule B – Elections

Extract of CITSU Constitution - SCHEDULE B – Elections

1. A Returning Officer, who shall not be a member of the student body, shall be appointed by the Union Executive. The returning officer shall be responsible for the good conduct of elections for one year.
2. The election of the Executive shall take place in the second term of the academic year.
3. The dates of all elections and a copy of the election regulations shall be posted on the Union Notice Board at least three working weeks before the election.
4. All full members of the Union shall be entitled to vote and/or contest all executive positions.
5. It will be the responsibility of all the outgoing Full Time Officers if requested, to make themselves available to all candidates for information

6. Candidates for executive posts must be nominated by 40 full Union members including at least two Union Council Members. As well as signing the nomination form the nominators must also print their names and ID numbers on the nomination form.

7. The official nomination papers must contain, as well as the required number of nominees, the candidates name as registered with the Institute, his/her Institute I.D. number, course and the name of the candidate’s agent/campaign manager (if any).
8. The election for all positions shall take place four working days after the close of nominations.
9. Nomination forms signed by the candidates shall be returned to the Returning Officer no later than 5.00 p.m. on the day of close of nominations.
10. Candidacy will be invalidated on the basis of tampering or defacement of the official nomination form.

11. The decision on valid candidacy is at the discretion of the Returning Officer, his/her decision is final.

11. All candidates are expected to treat all other candidates with dignity and respect and abide by basic rules of fair play.
12. Where an election is in progress under this constitution the Returning Officer may at his/her discretion make such regulations as may be appropriate to govern the canvassing or other activities of candidates, or their agents, in seeking election.
13. All canvassing must be confined to campus grounds. All canvassing must be carried out in keeping with the laws and regulations of both the institute and the state.

14. All official hustings or public debates with or between candidates or interested
parties in an election shall be convened by independent chairpersons.
15. Candidates shall hust in alphabetical order and shall sum up in reverse alphabetical order.
16. Candidates shall have equal time for their main speeches and not less than a third of that time for summing up.
17. Points of information shall not be allowed. Points of order may only be made by the Candidates and shall only be related to the running of hustings.
18. Questions from the floor shall be subject to inspection by the Returning Officer and/or the Chairperson.
19. Parliamentary language must be observed at all times during hustings.

20. The system of voting shall be proportional representation with the single transferable vote, as operated under the various Electoral Acts of Ireland.
21. Votes will be cast in sealed ballot boxes.
22. Voting slips shall bear the name of each candidate alphabetically and the office being contested.
23. The Returning Officer shall publicise the location and arrangements of polling station(s) and shall make arrangements whereby provision is made for all full members of the Union to vote in advance of Polling Day.
24. Polling stations will be situated in areas giving greatest convenience to the voters and their opening hours shall be determined by the returning officer with a view to catering for the highest possible voter turnout.
25. No other polling station can be opened other than those on the Institute campuses authorised by the Returning Officer.
26. No electioneering or pamphleting may take place within the red perimeter line circumferencing the polling booth(s).
27. Voters must be able to identify themselves before being allowed to vote.
28. Any vote on which a clear preference is shown will be considered valid.
29. If a candidate wishes to use on the ballot paper a name other than the one, which appears on their institute registration, they must seek prior approval from the returning officer.

31. The counting of votes shall take place after the closing of the polling stations at a time and in an area designated by the Returning Officer.
32. The order of the count after ascertaining total poll shall be President,
Vice President Education, Vice President Welfare, Communications Officer,
Entertainment Officer, Projects Officer with the official results being declared by the
Returning Officer after each count.
33. Campaign managers/candidates have the right to call a recount after
the result of the count has been announced. If a campaign manager/
candidate for any reason is absent from the count result announcement he/she may still request a recount within one hour of the announcement being made. The Returning Officer alone will make the decision as to when the recount will take place.

34. Any corrupt practice e.g. attempted double voting, will be disciplined using all the medium at the Union’s disposal.
35. Any candidate/campaign manager/ordinary member of the Union who has reason to believe that there was an irregularity of any kind regarding the conduct of the elections shall have the right to lodge an objection with the Returning Officer within one Institute day of the alleged irregularity
taking place.

36. The above rules shall also apply for by-elections, however, by elections for non-sabbatical executive positions may be held through the medium of the General Meeting, the decision as to whether to use this medium or not shall be made by the Executive of the day.

Union Council:

37. The position of Union Council Chairperson shall be elected from the floor at their first council meeting of the year; this position shall be filled by show of hands unless a secret ballot is requested.


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