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What’s involved in the Election Campaign?

Each potential candidate must be nominated by 40 Union members (two of which are to be members of the Union Council, i.e. Class Representatives or current Union Officers).  Nominations forms will be available from the Union Office  and from this section of the website. It is imperative to get your nomination form in on time.

The election campaign will involve promoting yourself, your policies and goals – basically what you wish to achieve and change and what initiatives you wish to begin. These can be compiled in your manifesto which you can distribute to the students body.  A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, and/or views of the candidate.

You will have a week to make yourself known to as much of the student body, on all campuses as you can. By talking to students face to face you can get your message across, but what is even more important, you can find out what the students of the college, across every department want. Every department, course, class and student must be represented and you must serve all of these to the best of your ability – doing what the students want you to do, as opposed to focusing on your own personal agenda.

There will be hustings (public address) in the main canteen on the Bishopstown Campus, this will take place the day before the election, at lunchtime, where you have an opportunity to speak to students and they can ask you questions in a public forum.  

Be prepared before you start canvassing so that you become familiar with the college workings outside of your course. Anyone interested is strongly encouraged to talk to the current Officers who will be able to give you a rundown of the job and its demands.

Suggested Campaigning methods and media:

  • *Posters
  • *Flyers
  • TV Screen (one template screen available to each candidate)
  • *Manifesto
  • Talk to students in the canteen areas
  • Class visits
  • Social media pages such as facebook and twitter
  • Hustings

*Each candidate is entitled to 250 photocopies from the Students' Union Office.

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