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Types of Accommodation

Where to look for accommodation?

There are so many types of accommodation that you can look at when moving to college. So we hope this section will help you to decide which type of accommodation best suits you.

There are three main types of accommodation that are available in the Bishopstown and Cork City area , and it is up to you to choose which best suits you and your budget.

Student Apartment Complexes

There are a number of apartment complexes in close proximity to the Bishopstown Campus and to Cork School of Music and Crawford College of Art and Design. However there are no apartment complexes in a close proximity to the National Maritime College (NMCI) in Ringaskiddy. So take a look at what campus your course is based on when looking for student apartments. Also this type of accommodation tends to book out early so it is advised to enquire early in the intended academic year. You can find information on Student Apartments by calling into the Accommodation Office on the 1st Floor of the Students Centre in CIT or by clicking here.

Shared Houses/Flats

You will find a lot of rental houses and flats close to all the CIT campuses. When renting a house two things can happen. The amount of the monthly rent will include bills and utilities, or else it will be solely the rent per occupancy. This is something you will need to check in the lease you sign. When renting a property you can rent a room if you do not know anyone in the house or else you can rent the property as a group of friends and each pay their own agreed share.

There are a few ways of searching for shared houses/flats:

Call to the CIT Accommodation Office and ask for the list of houses/rooms in houses is available throughout the year. This updated regularly and especially during the summer months. As there is a high demand for this type of accommodation, it is advisable to contact the Accommodation Office regularly for an updated list.

There are various websites that are updated every day and are very handy because you can narrow down your search to the location of the house and what exactly you are looking for. These  websites are reputable websites with houses in the Cork area:  or

Lodgings/Self Catering Lodgings/Dig

Lodgings/Digs are when you are living in a family home. Most include bills and utilities in the rent you pay. Some will include meals but most are self-catering. There are a lot of lodgings/digs around the Cork Area, and sometimes can be the cheapest option.

They may be the cheapest option and the landlords can be fairly flexible if you only need to stay short term also, but these are not the ideal type of accommodation if you want to have friends around or have a party here and there.

The CIT Accommodation Office provides a register of lodgings for the academic year. This register is updated throughout the year. Many houses are within walking distance of the college.

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