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Student Leap Cards

Student Leap Card

Student Leap cards are available from the Students’ Union at a cost of €10 (2018/2019).  The SU shop is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday during the academic year. Outside of these hour please phone the office to confirm availability (Tel: 021 433 5270). This office can only process Student Leap Cards and NOT children or adult Leap cards.

How do I apply for a Student Leap Card?

To speed up the process you are invited to make an application for the SLC online via mobile at Input your own details, take your own photo, make the declaration, and agree to the privacy statement and terms & conditions.  Once an application is made, you will receive a short code via email.  Then call to the SU with the code to have your cards instantly processed. 

Alternatively, you are also most welcome to fill the form out at the SU and let the SU staff enter your details and take the photo for you.


Do your homework and check out the best ticket option for you:

From 1st December 2018, things are getting even better for Cork Commuters, with an expanded city fare zone. Now new areas like Kinsale, Mallow, Fermoy, Bandon and Macroom as well as the numerous smaller towns between them and the City Centre will be in the new Cork Green zone. Commuters in these areas can get Leap 24 hr, Leap 7-day, monthly and annual tickets that allow travel into Cork City and around the city fare zone.

Do not buy AN ADULT LEAP CARD if purchasing Student Commuter Tickets.  This will mean you are buying commuter bus tickets at adult fares and not student discounted fares. An Adult Leap Card may be more economical for single journeys on local bus service.

Register your Students Leap Cards

Benefits of Registering your Leap Card

  • Registering your Leap Card protects your travel credit if it's lost or stolen
  • You can view your transaction history online
  • You can add more Leap Cards to your account

For full details and to register your card click

Topping Up your Student Leap Card

Option 1

A top up facility is available from the Student Nexus Market based in the Student Centre - you can pay using your CIT Student ID Card or cash

Option 2

Leap Card top-up App for Androids

The great thing about the App is that when you use it to Top Up, the top up is instant. Students can use the App to top up their Leap Card with Travel Credit, 24hour tickets, or 7 day tickets (monthly tickets currently not available). All the details are here

Option 3

Top up online

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Top-Up’
3. Enter your card number
4. Select Top-Up amount and load location
5. Make your payment by credit/debit card
6. Collect your Top-Up at your nominated Load Location (see Leap Card Collection Device info below)

Leap Card Collection Device

The Students' Union has a Leap Card Collection Device which allows the user to:

  • activate products which have been purchased online (it may take up to 36 hours to load the product after it has been purchased)
  • check balance and products currently available on a leap card
  • activate tax saver tickets (staff)







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