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College Supplies (Non profit Services)

College supplies are provided at the lowest prices possible. The ethos of the SU is to provide quality services on a non-profit basis to support students throughout their college life. The Office/Shop is open daily from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

The range of goods and services available include:

  •     computer storage (USBs and DVDs),
  •     printing paper,
  •     stationery (refill pads, science book, hard cover copies, pens etc)
  •     lab coats & safety goggles
  •     calculators
  •     photocopying
  •     mobile phone Credit

Student Leap Card

These cards offer students significant savings on local and national travel. Please see full details of the benefits and options available to you on 

Students must apply for the Student Leap Card through the main Leap website – you will be asked to input your own personal details, and college details, and upload your own photo.  The applicant will also be asked to pay for the card online.  Payment will be a minimum of €10, and for this they will receive €5 travel deposit and (a minimum of) €5 travel credit, which is loaded onto their card. Once you pay online, confirm the details and accept the terms & conditions and privacy policy, you will then receive an email from the system with an order number (short-code). The next step is to come to the Students’ Union office where your student status is verified, details are checked, and the card will be issued.

Leap Card Collection Device

The SU has a Leap Card Collection Device which allows the user to: activate products which have been purchased online (it may take up to 36 hours to load the product after it has been purchased) and to check balances and products currently available on a leap card.  This service may be temporarily suspended/limited to comply with Covid 19 safety measures.


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