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College Supplies (Non profit Services)

College supplies are provided at the lowest prices possible. The ethos of the SU is to provide quality services on a non-profit basis to support students throughout their college life. The Office/Shop is open daily from 8.30 am to 5.15 pm.

The range of goods and services available include:

  •     computer storage (USBs, DVDs, and CDs),
  •     printing paper,
  •     stationery (refill pads, science book, hard cover copies, pens etc)
  •     lab coats & safety goggles
  •     calculators
  •     photocopying
  •     mobile phone Credit

Please note: the SU cannont accept Student Card payments - cash based service only.

Student Leap Card

Student Leap cards are available from the Students’ Union at a cost of €15.  Forms are available from the SU and your photograph will be taken in the SU when you are ready to buy your card.


Do your homework and check out the best ticket option for you:

Do not buy AN ADULT LEAP CARD if purchasing  Student Commuter Tickets.  This will mean you are buying commuter bus tickets at adult fares and not student discounted fares. An Adult Leap Card may be more economical for single journeys on local bus service.

Leap Card Collection Device

The Students' Union has a Leap Card Collection Device which allows the user to:

activate products which have been purchased online (it may take up to 36 hours to load the product after it has been purcahsed)
check balance and products curently available on a leap card
activate tax saver tickets (staff)

Wayfarer System

Student monthly return and single provincial bus tickets are on sale from the SU (these must be purchased on the day of outward travel, with the return journey being valid for one month).  Simply produce your college ID to avail of this service.

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