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President - Aisling O'Mahony


My role as president

My role as president is a strategic one whereby I oversee the overall management of the Students Union to make sure we are all working towards improving your quality of life here as a MTU student. One of my main roles is to represent you the students at Institute level and also on a national level.

So what do I mean by representation at an Institute-wide level?

Every decision that is made within the institute, from hiring a new member of staff to changing exam regulations, is done so by a committee which ultimately reports into the Governing Body of the institute. The Students' Union is in the unique position that it contributes to the strategic decision-making process within the institute by sitting on a number of committees. As the President of the Student Union I hold a seat on all of these committees. These include: The Governing Body, Academic Council, Student Services company, The Finance Committee, Strategic Development Committee to name a few. On all of these boards I fight for the rights of the students to ensure they are represented to so they have the best possible conditions.

I hope MTU is as good to you as it has been to me and don’t forget that no matter how hard you work make sure to always party twice as hard!

•CEO •Chief spokesperson •Finance •Press & Media •Representation •National issues •Organisation

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