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President - Sam Dawson


I’m thrilled to introduce myself as YOUR newly-elected Students’ Union President for the academic year 2017/2018. Through this time I look forward to using the knowledge and skills I gained throughout my time in CIT as a Student, Class Rep and Society Committee Officer in my representation of YOU the students. I along with the other SU officers and team are here to help out in any way we can! I’ve just completed my honours degree in Automotive Technology &Transport Management, and I have to say CIT has really become my home.

To the new students of CIT, welcome! CIT is an amazing place. You’ll make friends for life here, and this will be the start of a new and exciting time in your lives. To the students returning back to CIT, welcome home! Every year brings something new and different here in CIT. They say that time flies and that is very much true in CIT  - when I look back at my time in CIT it has gone by like a whirlwind but I would not change one second of it.

Give everything you do during your time in CIT your very best, it’s a great feeling being able to look back on your time in college with no regrets and hold your head up high with pride for the countless things you have achieved. Constantly strive to accomplish your utmost potential academically, this will stand to you. However, College life is all about getting the balance right. Of course this is easier said than done, but the best things in life are worth the challenge. Time management is a skill which goes a long way in life. Getting a great education is the very core of what we do here in CIT, and your degree will take you further than you could imagine. CIT students are incredibly employable, and very sought-after by employers.

While the academic side of CIT is of the highest importance, make sure to embrace the extra-curricular and social side of college life also. Getting involved in your college is as important as the lectures, labs and exams.  Join one of our many varied societies or sports teams, you will make the best of friends in them and learn skills you never knew possible while having unbelievable fun and making memories that will last long after life in CIT.

Why not run to be your class representative? I didn’t run to be our Class Rep as a 1st year, and I wish I had. I was the Class Rep for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, and it was a brilliant and challenging experience. And in all honesty, I never thought when I first came to CIT that I would be here as President of the SU, and the representative for all CIT students both within the college and nationally. It’s important to always keep an open mind, you never know what path may await you. Take every opportunity with open arms, this will enrich your life.

The Students’ Union Team and I will do absolutely everything we can possibly do to be of assistance to you over the course of your time here in CIT. You are all a part of third-level education now, and will have worked extremely hard to get here. That hard work has paid off.

I look forward to being there on this new journey with you all,

Enjoy it.

Best of luck!

Sam Dawson

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