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President - Shane Falvey


A Chairde,

I’m delighted to introduce myself as YOUR Students’ Union President. It’s truly an honour to be the elected chief representative of the students of CIT for the Academic Year 2016/17. This is my second year in the position of SU President. I look forward to putting the vast knowledge and skills I learned in my first term to good use in my representation of YOU the students. I along with the SU team will ensure that the student voice is always heard, acknowledged and acted upon within the institute.  

To all new students, welcome to CIT, you’ve started one of the most exciting chapters of your life. To all returning students, welcome back. I hope that all students regardless of what stage of study you’re entering, enjoy the journey ahead. Make the most of it guys, because believe me the time absolutely flies by, give everything during your time here your best shot, be able in the subsequent years to look back with no regrets whatsoever. Constantly strive to achieve to the best of your potential academically. As my Dad said to me when I first started college ‘Enjoy every minute, but don’t forget along the way that your sole purpose for being there is to get that cap and gown’ i.e. to graduate with a degree. College life is all about getting the balance right. This is easier said than done. Time management is an art in itself. While the academic side of things is of utmost importance be sure to embrace the extra-curricular and social side of college life also. Join societies, check out the sports teams, and why not think of running to be your class representative? When I first ran for Class Rep when I was in 1st Year, never did I think that I’d end up continuing in the role throughout my degree, and end up as President of the SU, goes to show how college life can shape your future, always keep an open mind and embrace every opportunity which presents itself to you. I’d wholeheartedly encourage all students to get actively involved with all college activities, gaining a broader educational experience, whilst enhancing your college experience, while of course still focusing on the end goal, getting a good quality education, whilst acquiring skills which will ensure high employability when reaching the end of the road of college life.

The Students’ Union Team and I will do everything we can to be of assistance to you over the course of your time here within the Institute. In the world of third level education, which you are all now a part of, having no doubts worked very hard to get here, there are three fundamental areas of development: Academic, Personal & Social. CIT Students’ Union (which you are now a member of, as a full-time undergraduate student of the institute) has all of these areas of development at the forefront of all of our operations and activities. Why? To best represent our members…YOU! It is my primary and most important function as one of your elected representatives to represent students at an Institute-wide level and continuously work towards the improvement and enhancement of the student experience.  

I look forward very much to working with the Students’ Union Team this year, Together Everyone Achieves More, rings very true to how the SU as an organisation functions. How can you form a branch of and be a part of that team? By getting involved with SU activities of course, I promise you it will be a decision you’ll never regret. Why not be the person to represent your class as their class representative? Why not join our Ents/Welfare crew etc. but most of all, if you have an idea on something which could be changed or improved on within our own structure or on an Institute wide level, why not speak to myself or one of the other officers about this? To adequately represent you the students’ we need to ensure we have great lines of communication open between ourselves and you our members.

I promise you that as Students’ Union President I will consistently give this role my very best and ensure that I and the SU Executive as a whole are representing you all to the highest possible level. I will do my utmost to make myself as approachable and accessible to all students as much as is possible. Always feel free to contact myself or a member of the team.  

Every decision that is made within the Institute, from hiring a new member of staff to changing exam regulations, is done so by a committee which ultimately reports into the Governing Body of the Institute. The Students’ Union Executive contributes to the strategic decision-making process within the Institute by sitting on all of these committees. As the President of the Students’ Union I hold a seat on a number of these decision-making bodies including: The Governing Body, Academic Council, Student Services Company, Health & Safety Committee, The Finance Committee, Strategic Development Committee, The Safety Committee, Student Finance Committee, the IT Steering Committee, Societies Board and other sub-committees I may be asked to sit on over the course of my term in office. The person I’m representing on of all of these committees and boards is you the students, because without you electing me as President of your Students’ Union I would not be sitting on any of them. 

Wishing you all the very best of luck, now and always as you embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your lives. I hope your time in CIT serves you well now and into the future. I look extremely forward to meeting you all over the course of the year. Have an incredible time guys. 

CIT Abú!  

Warm Regards,

Shane Falvey... Proudly YOUR 

Students’ Union President


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Shane Falvey


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