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Advertising and marketing at MTU Cork

Advertise at a great Cork University! 

MTU, third level college located in Bishopstown, Cork caters for over 10,000 full-time students. MTU Cork Students' Union offers various ways of advertising and marketing to the entire college of students and staff, disseminating advertisers messages to their target audience. expliCIT college magazine publication targets the entire college student body and alumni of over 19,000. A total of 2,500 hard copies are distributed free of charge to third level students at our Bishopstown campus, Cork School of Music, Cork College of Art & Design and the National Maritime College of Ireland. 

Great ideas for third level advertising in Cork...

MTU CORK Students Freshers Diary & Handbook - always at Hand...

MTU Cork Students’ Union publishes a Freshers Diary & Handbook providing information on all facets of student life and has a circulation of over 2,500 copies. The diary is given out FREE of charge to fresher students and class representatives at our Bishopstown campus, Cork School of Music, Cork College of Art & Design and the National Maritime College of Ireland. This Cork College Handbook and diary is an ideal marketing vehicle for your organisation to reach a rapidly growing market.  The Handbook doubles as an academic dairy, which ensures its ongoing usefulness and the longevity of your advertisement.


College Online Marketing - Where it's at ...

Students are at the forefront of modern communication methods and electronic media offers the perfect opportunity to mass market to students or specifically targeted inviduals or groups. Advertising banners, links and branding options are available for Please contact us so we may discuss options to suit your requirements...


Other advertising (TBA due to Covid19)

College Event Sponsorship - Alive & Kicking...

MTU Cork Students' Union provides students with an active entertainment calendar throughout the year, both on campus and at night events. Cork college event sponsorship presents you with the opportunity to place banner advertising or branding behind live stage, and your brand or organisation’s name will be included in promotional literature such as flyers, posters, magazines and websites. Please email or call us at 021 433 5274 without obligation Email:

Cork College Student Events and college nights out

MTU Cork night time events: City Centre, Back To College Bash, Freshers Week - Daily Events on Campus & City Centre, S.H.A.G. Week (Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week), Halloween Bash - Night Event in City Centre, CIT Conferrings - Graduation Ball at Hotel, CIT SU Body & Soul Week, Christmas Bash, CIT SU Raceday at Mallow Races, Rag Week - Daily Events on Campus & City Centre, CIT SU Safety Week, Class Rep Awards - Night Event, CIT SU exam stress events, Spring Break Bash, Eclectic picnic, End of Term Ball - Night Event in City Centre.

  Please email us with any queries: Email:

College Freshers Packs - In the bag...

A welcome Fresher’s Pack is distributed FREE of charge to all incoming first year students and contains primarily tangible products including stationery, confectionary and toiletry products by MTU Cork Students’ Union.  We limit the number of paper products in this pack to first of all facilitate the assemblage of the pack and secondly, and more importantly to you, to ensure the visibility of your message so that it is not lost amongst a plethora of circulars. The cost to place a circular in this pack is €500 which is used to offset the expenditure required to put the packs together. Over 2,200 packs are distributed every year. 



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