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October 2015 update

October 2015 update

27 October, 2015

Hey Guys,
We hope you are all well settled into the Academic Year. It’s that time of year where assessment deadlines are starting to crop up, be sure to be proactive in putting in the work on the continuous assessments. It makes a huge difference getting the best grades possible in these prior to sitting the final exams.

Class Rep Recruitment

We have been legging it all around the campus trying to get as many of you as possible elected as Class Reps. We have managed to get around to most of the first year classes BUT if we have missed any of you, we apologise. Make sure to let one of us know if you’ve been missed and we’ll make sure to call in ASAP. We have also had our first Union Council meeting with all of the new class reps, and to be honest we were really impressed with the turn out and enthusiasm shown by all in attendance. It’s going to be a great year.

Fresher’s Week

We are extremely happy with how Fresher’s Week went, bar the slight mishap of our comedians ending up in Carlow on the Monday (from here on in we will be attaching a Sat-Nav to all of our acts to prevent them from getting lost). All of the daytime entertainment went really well - as usual the hypnotist went down a storm, we hope there’s nobody out there still in a trance! The night-time events also a big success. We’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who embraced the week and attended the events. A special word of thanks to our Events Manger, Mick O’Mahony, who did an excellent job of co-ordinating the week.

Our Manifestos

Now that the dust has settled after a hectic first few weeks back, it’s now time for us to look at our manifestos that helped us get elected. If you think that we are not working on what we promised during election week, rest assured that we are - attend general meetings for full updates.


Are you registered to vote? It is of vital importance that the student voice is heard, acknowledged and acted upon by the Government of this country. As Student Representatives we are all too aware of the many challenges students face in their quest to acquire a third level education. The struggles faced by a constantly increasing amount of students is very real and in our opinion a sad reflection on the value placed on education in this country. Education is severely under-funded and we as a student body need to make our feelings on this matter felt to the Government of this country. It’s a sad but true reality that numbers speak volumes and the thing that will make the powers that be take notice of the needs of students, is by them being registered to vote. We urge all students who are not registered to vote to register as soon as possible. Forms are available in the Students’ Union Office and we will be running regular Voter Reg. drives in advance of the General Election.

S.H.A.G. Week

Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance Week will run from 19th-22nd October. This is our first Welfare campaign of the year. The aim of this campaign is to inform you about looking after your sexual health, staying safe and where to go if you are ever faced with tough decisions and issues which may arise. During this week there will be many games and competitions running over in the main corridor. Also, for the duration of the week there will be a S.H.A.G. Wel-Fair in the main corridor with plenty of information stands. Make sure you call to our Students’ Union stand to get your free condoms. If you would like to get involved and help out during S.H.A.G. Week. please email Ruth: You sexual Health is not only important during S.H.A.G Week. It is a life time responsibility. You can also book into CIT’s Medical Centre for an STI check-up. The Sexual Health Doctor is on Campus every Tuesday and Wednesday and costs only €10.

All the very best,

Shane, John, Ruth,
Dave, Kate, Rebekah


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