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Academic Learning Centre

28 July, 2014

A Free tuition service open to all students

“84% of students who have sought academic support early and regularly throughout the academic year will pass the module first time”

Finding a particular module difficult to grasp? Look no further, the ALC is the answer to all your problems.

The Academic Learning Centre allows students to raise specific stumbling blocks in a casual relaxed learning environment, where students feel comfortable working away at their own pace. Students are encouraged to focus on specific learning problems, while the support lecturers intervene in a natural way to fill the learning gaps and follow the student’s specific learning needs.

All of the subject support sessions delivered by the Academic Learning Centre are free of charge and open to all CIT students taking the subject as part of their course. Students attend from a broad spectrum of disciplines; Science, Engineering, Computing, Business and Building & Architecture. Many of the regular attendees have built up good communication with the lecturers resulting in increased confidence facing assessments and exams. Information on the Centre’s activities is disseminated via student publications, course lecturers, dedicated notice boards throughout the campus and the Centre’s own website.

The ALC current academic subject support provision includes the following subjects; Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Programming, Networking, Electronics, Economics, Chemistry, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Mechanics, Thermo fluids and more, this service is expanding at a rapid rate.

We here in the Students’ Union would urge all students in difficulty to make use of this wonderful service. Why pay extortionate rates for private tuition when you can acquire the exact same service here on campus.

For further information on the ALC please visit the attached link:
A trip to the ALC could be the difference between a pass or fail.


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