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Exam Results 2020

Information from the Examinations Office

Dear Students,

We hope you and yours are keeping well at this time. Well done for engaging with your course over the last few months, when we were all faced with an unprecedented period, and we hope you will get the opportunity to take a break over the coming while.

Please note that for this year, provisional module results will be released on Thursday 18th June before the full set of results are released on Wednesday 24th June. 

When you look at your results on Thursday 18th June, your average grade or the overall classification of your 2020 grade will not be shown. You will need to wait until your full set of results are released on Wednesday 24th to see your overall grade.

The release of Module Results will give you the opportunity to contact your module lecturer on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th should you wish to discuss your module mark. The purpose of such an engagement is to provide feedback, and not to negotiate results that have now been approved. Lecturers are not in a position to discuss examination board decisions and the effect these decisions will have on your overall result.

Please note that your full set of results will be released on Wednesday 24th June, allowing you to see your overall result and stage classification - this may include pass by compensation.

It is important to note that detailed conversations on an individual student’s results can only happen with the individual student concerned.

 To access results, follow the steps below:

 1. In your internet browser, go to

 2. In the User Login screen, enter your userID and password.

 3.  When you have successfully logged in, follow the menu path below to access your results:

STUDENT SERVICES AND FINANCIAL AID --> STUDENT RECORDS --> FINAL GRADES. Select ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-20 and click SUBMIT. You should now be able to view your results.

 4. If you have unpaid fees on your account, a Hold will have been placed on your results. Your results will be released on payment of fees. This process can take up to five working days from payment date. Queries re. fees should be addressed to, quoting your student ID no.

 5. Should you have queries in relation to your grades, please contact your Department. Should you require technical support in accessing your results, contact the IT Service Desk,, quoting your student ID no.

In conclusion, please note that all communication, with CIT Students, will be through your CIT email address and we advise you to check your emails over the summer for up to date information around Examinations, Autumn 2020 Examinations, Registration details and other relevant information.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your engagement over the past number of months and to wish you and your families well at this time.

 Kind regards for now.

 CIT Examinations Team

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For more information and FAQs in relation to understaning your exam results and what happens next please click on the following:

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