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SU Night Clubs



Come along to our night time events to meet your classmates and friends outside the academic environment, we guarantee a fun night and an admission fee that won’t hurt your pocket. Watch out for posters, flyers  and social media detailing venues and dates. This year the Students’ Union will run regular nights, at least once a week. Keep an eye out for posters and our facebook page. This years clubs are THE HOLY COW(every Tuesday) and THE HANOVER (every Thursday)


Where can I buy tickets for cit su events?

Generally you get them in the Students’ Union office or from the SU stand in the main corridor. If there are tickets left for a particular event they may be made available on the door on the night but this is not guaranteed. 

Do I need to bring my student card to CIT SU events? 

You should carry your CIT Student Card with you to SU events. This is so that you can identify yourself as a CIT student in a variety of possible situations, which may arise. It is necessary by law to bring a valid age id card eg. Garda Age card or passport (not recommended) as the majority of, off campus events are over 18s.

Will you be there? 

Yes, we’ll be there. A representative from CIT SU will be present at all large CIT SU organised events, barring any unforeseen eventualities. This is to ensure the smooth running of the event and liaise with the venue and the acts as well as to be available to you, should you need to speak to us. 

Is it possible for me to bring my friend to a CIT SU gig, even though they’re not in CIT?

You sure can. As long as they have a ticket and / or are willing to pay on the door if there’s space in the venue, it’s all good. They are, of course, subject to the same admission criteria as anyone else, but they will not be refused entry solely on the basis that they are not CIT students. 

Why wouldn’t the Door Staff let me into the CIT SU gig last night?

Okay…we don’t know! When we hire a venue in the city to run an event, the venue always retains the right of admission (that’s what R.O.A.R. means on tickets and posters etc). We cannot overrule the door staff and we cannot get involved in any disagreement between students and door staff. If you do still feel aggrieved the day after, please come and talk to one of the Union Officers

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