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Class Parties

Book your class party through the Entertainments Office Monday – Friday. Class Parties are a great way of getting to know your classmates in a more relaxed environment. We are here to help you get the best deals on all fronts whether it’s going to the pub or going paint-balling etc., and to help you and your classmates organise the best social events possible. 

If you feel this is all a bit daunting at the beginning, well the place to start is by calling into SU offices and having a chat with Mick O'Mahony the Ents Manager.

Useful tips for Class Parties

1. Ask your class what they want to do rather than guessing what people want.

2. Ask them if they they are willing to pay a cost towards the event they want e.g bowling or paint balling

3. If using a bus for your event make sure to collect a deposit from everyone who wants to go, that way you will know who is committed to going. Only book the bus when money is collected. Make sure to be clear to bus company where you are going and what type of event it is. Make sure to check the bus before you get on. This to make sure the bus is not damaged so you cannnot be held reponsible if the damage has been committed before you get on the bus.

4. Pick a day where people have little or no classes the following day.


For further information on class parties and events:


Mick O Mahony

Tel: 021-4335275







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