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Hi everyone,  I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the CIT family also to all returning students I would like to congratulate you on last year’s achievements. I have just completed my degree in Early Years Education and all I can say is value every moment in CIT as it passes by so quickly. A great was to see everything that CIT has to offer is to get involved in such things as societies, students union and everything that grabs your interest by getting involved in these things not only will you make bonds with people in your course who share similar academic interests you will also make life long bonds with people who have many things in common with you outside of the lecture theatre. Something you will soon learn to realise is CIT is not just a College or an educational institution but it is a community and you are valued. Students and staff work alongside one another to ensure a constantly evolving education process which is student focused and driven to meet the needs of each student. Here in CIT the only person in charge of YOUR education is YOU the relationship between student and staff is a partnership.

I am extremely excited to begin working with you all and offering any help and support needed throughout the academic year. The easiest way to describe my job is academic affairs which allows me to offer support on many things which you may encounter on your academic journey. I operate on an open door policy and no issue is too small or too big for me to provide some guidance and hopefully offer a solution. I will also be a link between you as students of the institute and the head boards and faculties in CIT so if issues need to be brought further I have the capacity to do so.

Being a class rep is often what makes college so enjoyable for people as it gives a chance for you to mix with people from all different classes and departments and have your say in what the union does for not only you but for the wider student body. Through class reps you learn many life skills and improve on skills you may not necessarily have known you had. My time as a class rep is what spurred me on to run for election for the student union team and has also been the reason behind me making some lifelong friends you gain a great sense of purpose and have lots of fun along the way. If there is even the slightest interest in your head to run then do you most definitely will not forget it.

I would like to once more wish you all luck along your educational path and I look forward to meeting you over the course of the year be it as a class rep or as a student with a query. I hope you enjoy your time in the CIT family and make the most of every opportunity afforded to you, you have worked hard to get here so make it count and be proud of yourself and never hesitate to come in to the office at any stage.

Best of luck

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