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CIT Energy Top Tips

How can you save energy and save your money at home?

  • Cook meals efficiently and switch off all cooking appliances when finished.
  • When making tea or coffee, only boil the water you need. Don’t waste valuable browsing time by overfilling the kettle!
  • Do not open windows when the heating is on.
  • Don’t leave the fridge door open for too long!
  • Switch off all appliances before going to college in the morning or out for the evening, and when heading home for the weekend or holidays.
  • Aim to keep showers short (sing three songs and you’re done)
  • Use natural rather than artificial light where possible and turn off lights when you are the last to leave a room / area.
  • When it gets chilly, a jumper will add 3 degrees to your body warmth, time to rock those winter woollies
  • Unplug mobile charges and other charging devices
  • Don’t place furniture in front of radiators

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