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Accommodation Tips


Once you have taken up a place on a course in CIT , and have decided to move out of home, you'll need to organise somewhere to live quickly. Depending on your situation, you might continue living at home or you might have relations that you can stay with. However for many students this will be their first time living out of home.

Moving Out of Home

Do not go on a shopping spree, you do not need everything brand new. Of course you want to make your room feel like your own so a few throws and picture frames from penneys are important!! First of all check what is included in the house, and if something isn't there then raid your own home first for stuff. When you arrive, you probably will have brought the essentials. However, there are a few things that are sometimes forgotten.

If you can't borrow stuff from home, work out a deal between yourself and your housemates on the things that you can all use so that you can buy in bulk and it will be cheaper for you all.

Things like:

Clingfilm, Tinfoil, Bin Bags, Toilet Roll, Kitchen Roll, Non-Perishables( Pasta, Rice), Tea Towels, Washing Powder, Washing Up Liquid, Cleaning Supplies  and even Tea bags.

Also, Make sure to use the PRTB Checklist when you move in to ensure the landlord does not charge you for missing inventory or damage at the end of the year which was not caused by you.


Take a look at the following links for some advice on moving to college and finding accomodation:

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